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What to Expect

We are sinful people saved by God's grace who gather together to praise God for what He has done. That being said, we want to extend an invitation to everyone to join us. When you come, here is what you can expect:

  1. Dress - People dress how they feel comfortable to dress during our Sunday services. For some, that is a suit and tie, for others, this is jeans and a T-shirt. Please wear what you would like to worship God in!
  2. Time - Our Sunday morning service begins at 10:45am and last until 12:00pm.
  3. Children - During Sunday service there is childcare provided for all kids 4th grade and under.
  4. Worship style - We primarily sing hymns with a choir. We put emphasis on good theology in our songs and we set the atmosphere to be about worshiping a holy God together with our brothers and sisters in Christ.
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